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Hire the best professionals from around the world, quickly and easily. Talent On Demand offers an efficient and cost-effective solution for businesses looking to fill roles quickly with the right skills.

Find Talent On Demand With Get Hire Technologies, Inc.

In times of uncertainty, Talent On-Demand can help your organization quickly scale up your recruiting capacity to meet your essential hiring needs. Our team of dedicated recruitment professionals will deploy a secure and easy to use no-contact virtual recruitment solution so you can recruit and onboard candidates with confidence. We understand the unique challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic and are committed to providing you with the flexibility to use our services for as long as necessary. Let’s work together to make sure your organization has the talent it needs during this uncertain time.

The Benefits of Talent On Demand

Talent Advisor Oversight

Our Talent Advisor oversees talent selection and development to ensure adherence to organization standards and best practices. They provide guidance on talent management strategies, such as performance management, reward and recognition, and career development.

Experienced Resources

Our team of experienced recruiters is readily available to help you access the top talent in the industry, utilizing their expansive networks and industry contacts. With a minimum of five years’ experience, our recruiters are sure to get you the skill you need.

Real-Time Employee Performance Analysis

By tracking recruiting and pipelining activity on a weekly basis, you can gain valuable insights into hiring trends and develop effective expectations with hiring managers.

Flexibility & Scale

With Talent On-Demand, you can swiftly deploy a team of recruiters to start working for you right away. Once the engagement is over, these recruiters can be swiftly disengaged and rehired if the need arises. This ensures that you can attend to any urgent hiring needs without having to make a long-term commitment.

Talent On Demand Interview Management Process

  • Phone Screening: Connect with candidates quickly to start the conversation with your next great hire.
  • Video Interviewing: Get to know your candidates with on-demand or live video interviews.
  • Scheduling: Eliminate bottlenecks. Schedule video, phone and in-person interviews.
  • Process Advancement: Automated candidate advancement tools dramatically reduce time to hire.


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