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Our firm needs an IT Business Analyst to join our growing team. We are looking for a professional with experience in both information technology and business administration. The successful applicant will serve as the liaison between the executive and IT departments of our client’s company, leveraging the data the IT team extrapolates while also overseeing the selection and implementation of software programs and hardware resources.

Using data modelling techniques to identify ways in which an organization can operate more effectively.
Communicate with senior people in organizations to find out what they hope to achieve
Formulate ways for businesses to improve, based on previous research
Persuade internal and external stakeholders of the benefits of new technology or strategies
Oversee the implementation of new technology and systems
Run workshops and training sessions
Exploring how the organization is currently operating via research, which could include interviewing employees and collecting quantitative data
Explore different solutions, their risks, benefits and impacts
Proposing solutions to an organization’s leaders, and keeping them updated with progress
Creating documents to outline the proposed changes and the steps involved.
Bachelor’s Degree in Software Development, Computer Engineering, Project Management or related field

Job Benefits
Increment would be at least a minimum of 15% every six months.
Relocation charges will be provided to you during your project
Medicinal, Dental and Vision benefits following 60 days of business.
Medical coverage qualified following 60 days of business.
Present moment and long haul handicap following 60 days of work.
401k retirement benefits plan qualified following half a year of work.
Pre job Training with Experienced Trainers.
Assignments & Case Studies provided during training.
Mock sessions before interviews
Multiple interview rounds with different clients.
Visa Sponsorship
Training completing certificates

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